Episode 2 Beverly Hills 90210

Season Two

Episode 15


Join Wil and Mikey for their post-inaugural episode. Shit gets real when Wil swears more than a monkey throws its poop and Mikey has to work overtime on the comedy cartoon bleep button. Does the teen angst of 1991’s 90210 still hold up today?


But check it out anyway.

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17 thoughts on “Episode 2 Beverly Hills 90210”

  1. Obviously incredibly important – it’s episode 15, not 5! I was trying to remember who Shelf Hair was moving in with and checked IMDB.

      1. My brain is permanently stuck in proof-read mode. I can’t shut it off… oh and I watched way too much 90210 in my youth. (But also Next Gen, to balance it out.) Cheers! – Eagle Jess

  2. I don’t have Season 2 handy, but I’m pretty sure the high school they were using for this is Torrance High School.

  3. Yo, fellas. The iTunes link doesn’t work. Able to subscribe through the subscription link though. Looking forward to some bad TV talky talking.

  4. I have discovered a plus side to having chronic pain and not being able to sleep, yep it’s both of you, I think this is great, I love the “fake geek girl” lol something for me to listen to while the hubby is playing blood bowl, thanks from a real geek girl 😁

    1. Dag nabbit. Now I gotta decide whether or not to renew this domain so that someone, /anyone/ sees the joke. :'(

  5. I started playing Magic around the same time you did, Wil. I worked at a bookstore where one department sold them and I think I started with the Dark series and then bought a lot of the Revised series (which annoyed a lot of collectors because WOTC brought back some cards that had been difficult to get without selling plasma because all of your money was gone). I stayed with it through the Ice Age series, but then I got a new job where more people played it, but they were all much better (and had a lot more money to buy better cards), so I gave up because I was tired of losing — and losing quickly.

    I know exactly what you mean by “The Chase.” One friend of mine had bought these rare cards that were some kind of eggs and — to make sure the cards were never damaged by game play — he used land cards and wrote the type of egg he had on the front. So I was losing to a guy who wasn’t actually playing the cards he had and playing cards that I couldn’t afford to buy to keep up with him in future games.

    I still have the cards I bought back then. About 1,000 of them. I need to find someone who has almost no cards and no money to buy new ones. Because turnabout is a bitch. 🙂

  6. Thanks for this podcast, Wil and Mikey. I was in my 20’s when this show was on the air and I thought it was pretty juvenile. Upon watching it again, my opinion hasn’t changed. Also, I had lived in Reseda, but was already in New England when this show aired. As an animation and theatre geek from the Valley, I would not have had much contact with snobs like these kids. Most of my issues with this episode are because of the writing:

    “My books in your locker” is the strangest euphemism ever.
    At about three minutes into the show, Steve walks into the classroom and it’s like, “Hey, there’s some exposition going on in this room and I should be part of it!”
    What’s with the “Rico Suave” references? I remember the song, but was it a widely-used expression? That was just weird and it didn’t make sense in context.
    You’re right–they made a big deal about Brandon using drugs, but not David. Brandon is throwing his life away, but David is the lovable drunk/comic relief. Also, David is just the little puppy dog that follows them around and they really don’t care about him. I’m sorry to say that I was a little bit like David in high school.
    “There’s no traffic and I get stuck behind Grandma Moses.” She was driving behind an artist? Do they know who Grandma Moses was?

    The scene with Steve and Andrea in the convenience store was actually pretty funny. The look on Steve’s face was great. “I’d like to exchange an egg. You know… an egg.” I don’t know of any store that would allow you to exchange a single egg, with or without a receipt, but I still laughed.

    By the way, I just love it when you bleep words using cartoon sound effects!

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