Episode 3 Family Ties

Season Five

Episodes 29 & 30

It’s My Party

Join Wil and Mikey for the dementia they experience and maintain this week; it’s pretty glorious. As with last week, when Wil swears more than a sailor at a cuss convention, Mikey has to work overtime on the comedy cartoon bleep button. Does Family Ties hold up like it did in the Reagan era?

Tune in to find out.

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25 thoughts on “Episode 3 Family Ties”

  1. Okay, I’ve done the maths, going through the numbers and after 62 days of debt, he’d owe more than a million ($1,019,578.82 to be exact). After 93 days of unpaid debt, we’d break through the billion with $1,029,511,517.89 and after that, I seriously stopped running the numbers, because it’s getting kinda ridiculous.

  2. You guys knocked it out of the park with this one. I actually had to stop and rewind because I was laughing so hard several times.

  3. Worst Dr Who Episodes:

    – S17E3: The Creature From The Pit – You can hear the show hit bottom.
    – Parts 2-4 of S1E1 – The caveman intrigue story that comes after “An Unearthly Child” and somehow didn’t kill the show.
    – Let’s Kill Hitler – I just headcanon this one out of existence.

  4. I’ll also submit the only episode of Dr Who I could not finish: S25E4 “The Greatest Show in The Galaxy” The litany of crimes in part one alone should be enough.

  5. I really enjoyed this podcast and look forward to more of them.

    You said something about the worst episodes of Doctor Who. I don’t tweet, so I am going to leave them here and hope you are okay with it. I am a huge fan of the show, but there are a few episodes I don’t like as much as the others, and they are:

    1. The Girl Who Waited
    2. Curse of the Black Spot
    3. The God Complex

  6. Great Episode guys, nice to know that not all shows appearing are necessarily guilty of all charges.

    I definitely think the network is guilty of the crime of playing episodes so far out of continuity.
    I did a little googling and apparently the last 3 episodes of season 5 were shot approximately 50 episodes prior and were meant for seasons 3 and 4. What the hell NBC?

    I thought only the networks here in Australia treated their audiences with so much disrespect.

    see: http://www.michaeljfoxdatabase.com/acting-career/television-series/family-ties/family-ties-episode-guide-season-5/

  7. You guys are killing me on my commute! Keep it up!

    Also, the fourty-dollar-hold-music has been stuck in my head all week. I blame you.

  8. That was a really enjoyable listen.

    A couple of random thoughts: The dad’s puppet show probably had such high production values because he worked in television. IIRC he was some sort of producer or something at the local PBS station.

    Despite their blue-collar background, Alex probably liked the Steelers because they were winners. That fits in pretty well with the sort of Republicanism he espoused. They also had a bit of a rivalry with the Bengals, so it’s a form of teenage rebellion, much like his political views.

    Finally, “A is for Alex” is a terrific hour of television. It shows that Michael J. Fox can do more than just comedy. I seem to remember that when it first aired, they actually showed the whole thing from the moment they go to the blackout set without commercials. You learn a whole lot about Alex P. Keaton as a human being (like that he’s wrapped way too tight and would love not to be) and it really lifts him out of just being a caricature.

  9. Every podcast you are in Wil I listen to. Discovering this through your Twitter was the greatest thing for me. I try to read everything you right and always look forward to anything new you do. Well done . You have inspired me to be this new person or actually a person I tucked away for years . It feels great to enjoy things I love and I don’t care what people thinks. Thanks Wil.

  10. I like this show a lot – very funny. The Beverly Hills 90210 one was great, too. Perhaps you could do an episode on Saved by the Bell? The famous caffeine pills episode or the Johnny Dakota drugs episode. Or possibly Buffy the Vampire Slayer. What would be the BEST would be a review of STNG, though; preferably one that features Wesley Crusher. That would be quite interesting.

  11. Enjoying the sh*t out of this show! Learned about it from Mikey’s DB9 call in and now I can’t stop listening. Thanks guys 🙂

  12. Solidarity, Wil. I voted for Mondale in 1st grade, along with two other kids in my class. It was tough being on the losing side of that one because at six years old I was so sure Mondale would have made a better president than Reagan.

  13. Wow. You gotta love those 80’s hairstyles. I’d also forgotten how great everyone in this cast was.

    I left for college in New England about a year after Valley Girl speak started to explode and I can tell you, it was everywhere. One of my roommates brought a girl back to our dorm room and everything that came out of that girl’s mouth was, “and we were like… and he was like… and we’re like… and she goes… and then, he’s like…” After ten minutes of that, I had to leave. That was a couple of years before this episode, though.

    You both commented about Andy suddenly growing up. It seems to me that some other show (it may have been “Growing Pains” and possibly, also “Duet”) featured a character that was a newborn baby one season and (mysteriously) the child was a four-year-old in the very next season. I felt like maybe the writers just didn’t know how, or didn’t want, to write scenes with an infant.

  14. First off, I’ve been really inspired to try out Family Ties. The show was sadly on when I was enjoying the life of a two-year old, so not a lot of chance for me to catch it the first time.
    Sleep No More is the worst Doctor Who episode in the Modern Era, and has a great shot at worst ever.
    It literally starts with a scientist telling you not to watch it.
    Then a bunch of unnecessary POV filming, a villain that sounds like a bad Red Dwarf joke, a repetitive til irritating song audio gag, and terribly uninteresting characters make this a FAT failure.

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