Episode 5 Murder She Wrote

Season Ten

Episode 5

A Virtual Murder

Join Wil and Mikey for what might be the most terrible episode of anything that has ever happened IN THIS WORLD’S ENTIRE HISTORY. This is, by every conceivable definition, a bonafied TV Crime.

Tune in to find out.

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40 thoughts on “Episode 5 Murder She Wrote”

  1. Probably this shouldn’t make me REALLY want to go watch the episode, but it does. I REALLY want to watch this episode… with the bf who used to work in video games, because I want to see if his head explodes. Excellent.

      1. But now I can have Mikey/Wil dialogue running in my head at the same time and maybe that will work out better… You did the thing – you made it sound so bad, that it might be amazing! You did that.

  2. This is what happens when I comment too early: I think I’ve heard the best, and then pitched-up Total Eclipse happens and I lose it.

    1. I kept waiting for it to kick in with “I need you, Earthbound, only game that makes the world go round”. 🙂

  3. I’m listening to premiumbeat.com like it’s Spotify. The vocal watermark is my life now. Anyways, when are we gonna hear the Cop Rock episode?

  4. Hey guys. I also kind of want to watch this episode now (which, I imagine like others, will only lead to regret). As an old school Segaphile, much love for the Sega CD reference.

    I feel bad to give you an “Um, actually.” The game you were referencing was actually called Night Trap.

    I kept giggling when you kept calling the one character “that ‘Alex kid.'” It amused me due to reference to the pre-Sonic the Hedgehog Sega mascot Alex Kidd…so I kept getting an image of that character standing next to Angela Lansbury and maybe playing Rock-paper-scissors with her.

    Finally, love for the Bubble Bobble music.

    Was a fun episode to listen to.

  5. Y’know, I was just going to sit here and play some more Fallout 4, but once I started listening…

    Also, I now have a terrible urge to go listen to some Bonnie Tyler, so there goes the rest of my evening.

  6. Great podcast! Can anyone tell me what is the song/group playing at the beginning of the show? I love it, and there are some parts that resemble the melody in “House of the Rising Sun,” but I am unsure. Thank you!

  7. I liked the old outro better, but whatever floats your boat. I’m not judging.

    But anyways great podcast! I had a lot of fun and an embarrassing laugh out load moment on the subway. Like a few other I want to watch the episode now, at least in part (for the awesome special effects).

    I don’t think it’s not that bad, that they got the gaming industry or writing software of any kind dead wrong. Those weren’t as big as they are now.
    What really annoys me is this: Nobody forced them to do an episode with a VR game. They made the concious descision to make this episode even though they had no *sproing*ing idea what the *toot* they are talking about. They could have done the episode about pretty much anything, even some kind of yo-yo, but they chose a *honk*ing VR game.

    But enough ranting for now. Btw, really love the cartoon sounds instead of bleeps. While the bleeps are annoying the sounds make things even funnier. Of course the cartoon sounds are nothing compared to the 40$ hold music.

  8. Not sure if you can top this one – I loved all the old game references, brought back so many memories.
    Was that an accidental Alex the Kidd reference?
    Bubble Bobble music is so distinctive.

    I probably closer to Mikey in age, but I grew up playing all the games.

  9. I must say you both bring a new light into the subject of tv watching. I not only enjoyed your take on this epi, but I listened to a few of the others. I even bookmarked this podcast for the future, I still have to go and watch this show to see if what you were saying is correct. I have always loved this show, yet your take on how it was produced was spot on. And the sound effects you add make your show great. But have you thought about doing some pods on some of the newer shows, or like the Reality tv shows- now that would be interesting. Also, Wil do you think they will ever cast you as the Captain of the Star Trek?

  10. I really love this podcast. So much potential bad tv for episodes out there the possibilities are endless. Can’t wait for the next episode 🙂

  11. A thought occurs…any chance you’ll be doing animated shows? …or are you just sticking with live action tv shows?

    1. You both should check out the movie Gasss, it was on the channel called Comet… it has some wild and crazy crimes happening and all due to the actions of the government. Pretty cool movie tho’!

  12. The second I saw you were dissecting a MURDER, SHE WROTE episode, there was only one it could possibly be. I was right!

    This makes me feel so old. I was an extra on an earlier season of the show. I may have stories. And Ramy Zada? If you have not seen season one of DARK JUSTICE — “Justice may be blind, but she can see in the dark” (!!!) –, you should.

    Great fun, Wil and Mikey!

  13. Hey, guys, another great podcast! I was compelled to watch this episode on Netflix. Here are my thoughts:

    I love me some Angela Lansbury, but she doesn’t strike me as a gamer. The target audience of this show is surely older and didn’t know about video games at all. My mom used to watch this show. She used a computer very briefly (pretty much for email and to play card games), didn’t get beyond Win95 and was convinced that if she couldn’t get something to work, a computer virus was to blame. Technology was magic to her, which is kinda how this episode plays.

    The way those two women programmers were shooting daggers at each other, I expected a big ole cat fight whenever they were in the same room together.

    Doom used four (?) floppy disks, but, apparently, this game only requires one.

    I get so much joy out of your swearing sound effects!

  14. I love this podcast, even when it disses shows I like. Yes, I enjoy watching Hart to Hart and Murder She Wrote. And I remember watching CHIPs. I think a better Murder She Wrote candidate would have been one of the ones involving Grady (Aunt Jess, I didn’t do it). There’s one where the waitress looks like she’s dressed like lil bo beep. But, I understand you have work with what you can get access.

    May I also suggest the pilot to Airwolf. I remember liking the show. However I’ve rewatched the pilot and it was not so good.

    Anyway, keep up the good work.

  15. This show, and a general love of detective shows has been imprinted on me since I was very young. I wouldn’t mind the reboot hinted at at the start by Wil & Mikey. I instantly thought ‘What if they get like, Angela Bassett instead of Angela Lansbury to play the part…?’

  16. If you want to continue to enjoy the adventures of Jessica Fletcher there was a series of books that were written. I read one (don’t even want to remember the title) in which the important clue could not be accessed for some time because the floppy disk was a “special size” and could only be read on the victim’s computer.

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