Episode 10 Silk Stalkings

Season Six

Episode 7

Talk Dirty To Me

Join Wil and Mikey for hijinks of the silk variety! Mikey gets all sexy with his sexy voice and Wil drops another legendary rant you aren’t likely to find an equal of, this side of the Pecos.

(It’s election season, so it’s time to sound all folksy.)

Tune in to find out!


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12 thoughts on “Episode 10 Silk Stalkings”

  1. Great show choice, and yes Silk Stalkings was so very 90s. Jumping in at S6E7 means skipping past the original stars/duo (Chris & Rita) from season 1 to season 5 episode 12, but the formerly married duo in season 6 kind of alludes to the original duo who took five season to circle round and round romantically with each other, getting married mid-season 5. Fun TV Crimes episode, thanks!

  2. You know what kind of BBQ sauce should be used if one is going to lick it off their own arm? KC Masturbaterpiece.

    You’re welcome.

  3. “I don’t need your boob-sex.” I effing died in my cubicle.
    Wil’s Bernie Sanders impression was so spot on I thought mikey cut his actual speech into the show, until he started talking about sex fluid buckets. I was like… “uhh, wait, did bernie suddenly adopt parts of Trump’s platform??”

  4. Awesome episode gentlemen! The assessment of the colors and the ridiculous level of judgement of the main characters who supposedly deal with sexually charged violence all of the time. I am sure Cannell & company liked the idea of the hacker lady being the one doling out sexually harassing lines thinking they were somehow being edgy. Maybe the series should’ve done a crossover episodes with Renegade? Oh the possibilities!

  5. I have to find this episode somewhere, if only to see what “Patrick Stewart’s quadruple take” looks like.

  6. Great episode. This is my favorite podcast. I have so many questions.

    -Are we a much kinkier culture than we were 20 years ago or was kink-shaming just a recognition that prudes were and are the lowest-common-denominator and shows need to have broad appeal? Maybe both?

    -Will we ever hit peak police procedural? Perhaps popular police procedurals propagate in perpetuity.

    -speaking of, I know the stated goal of this show is to stick to 90’s cheese but will we ever see more recent shows deserving of jail time?

    Like CSI Cyber’s pilot episode? (Hackers are hacking baby monitors to sell white babies to foreigners!)

  7. Hey guys,
    Thanks for the hilarious episode. Never saw Silk Stalkings, but after your review I had to give it a shot. (Almost finished watching all of Murder She Wrote, after all…)
    So far, I’m one third of the way into the pilot episode, and I just had to let you know that even the show itself finds its own office decor ridiculous. The chief starts ranting suddenly: “How am I supposed to work in a place like this? I mean, I’m supposed to be a cop! This is supposed to be a precinct! Not something out of a … science fiction movie…”

  8. Hey,

    I don’t know if you guys are taking requests for episodes to watch, but I’m submitting MacGyver season 1 ep 6: Trumbo’s World. It’s MacGyver going to the South American jungle to help a wealthy white landowner take down an army of ants that are terrorizing the land and people. The ants literally kill a guy. Hope you guys watch it!

  9. Pity you didn’t do one of the first 5 season episodes. In season one they actually explain the name of the show, and the whole thing where the first couple keep calling each other “Sam”, or that the female detective has a brain tumor (which is never resolved), or that the original captain was Ben Vareen and not that guy who was the undercover Klingon in “Trouble with Tribbles” (who is the captain in the episode you reviewed – Charlie Brill – great character actor).

    There is actually an episode that is a remake of the movie “Laura”, and there is a gangster called “Donnie Dogs” who is hilarious. Oh, and John Byner, from time to time, for no reason. This show was such a guilty pleasure for me. The horrible clothes, lighting, every cop show cliche you can imagine. I loved it.

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