Episode 12 Remington Steele

Season Three

Episode 20

Steele in the Chips

Join Wil and Mikey for hijinks of the steele variety! Wil goes on a rant for the ages and Mikey tries wistfully to defend a show that has a lot of very serious, very real problems. It’s like the odd couple in podcast form!

Tune in to find out!


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11 thoughts on “Episode 12 Remington Steele”

  1. Whoa, did Wil get a new Mic and/or changing his audio settings? Mikey is all balanced and gorgeoooooooous and Wil sounds a little broad and a few levels above Mikey. Or am I nitpicking and should just be glad to be receiving this wonderful gift which you have brought before us?

  2. Ah, I loved this show as a teenage girl in the 80s. Now I understand why I needed so much therapy as an adult. Ha!

  3. some thoughts:
    1) Steele has to name a film, along with its year and studio, in every episode. Not doing it would be like Kenny not dying in South Park (says a guy who hasn’t watched South Park in more than a decade). It was kind of tenuous in this episode, because it happened late in the episode and it didn’t really drive his actions.
    2) The corporate guy offered $10 million so that he could destroy the cookies. I guess he wins, since the goat did it for free.
    3) If the opening credits weren’t that long, you wouldn’t get to hear the entire Mancini song.
    4) I haven’t seen Mad Mad Mad Mad World, so now I wonder how much homage was paid to it.

  4. Another great episode guys!

    I just want to point out another issue with the episode. How is a calorie free cookie going to solve world hunger? Since humans need to burn calories to survive, scientifically this would just make people feel full as they starve to death. Wil, I was hoping that you would catch this! Of course, that’s probably too much analysis for an episode of Remington Steele:)

  5. I just started binging TV Crimes and can’t get that damn $40 hold music out of my head. Whistling it yesterday I realized that it’s very reminscient of the Excitebike music. Has anyone else noticed this?

  6. Y’all should do Scarecrow and Mrs. King as an episode of TV Crimes. Similar duo to the Remington Steele duo with the will-they-wont-they drama.

    Also, I’d love to see the Rockford Files as an episode. Or maybe I wouldn’t, since you’d point out all of the flaws… 🙂

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