Episode 13 The Day My Kid Went Punk

Season Eight

Episode 7

The Day My Kid Went Punk

Join Wil and Mikey as they get mad. I mean real mad. This took five hours to edit because there was so much swearing to edit out. This was a beast of an episode! [Witty seque way]

Tune in to find out!

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21 thoughts on “Episode 13 The Day My Kid Went Punk”

  1. Hi, guys. That video was really tough to watch; hope you’re getting better, Mikey. And happy birthday, also too!

    Aaanyway, from how you’re describing the plot, it kinda seems like there’s a solid amount of sexism in this special as well. Not only does the mom – from this show’s perspective – fail her son, she also is bad at her job which is about raising children ‘right.’ Feels like the writers took a jab at women with a career, implying they can’t both work and raise children.

    Great and funny episode! Thank you.

  2. This was a hard one to listen to. Ignoring your children is never ok.

    As one of those “middle children” it really got to me. I’ve had my depression just explained away as “middle-child-syndrome” all my life. My parents labeled it and moved on, never taking the opportunity to do some actual parenting. It took me well into adulthood to see the reality of the situation and stand up for myself. (Oh, and IRL I’ve had my mom say “How could you do this to me?” instead of questioning her own actions. It sucks. Don’t be that parent.)

    tl:dr I got the feels. Thanks for standing up for the punks and weirdos.

  3. Wil: So in the scene where the siblings are making barfing noises at Terry would say that it was “a complete and total barf-o-rama”?

  4. If I may make a couple of suggestions.
    Automan and Manimal. My gut is already hurting from my imagining the two of you going after these lost gems.

    Also, I dare you to take on the cultural treasures of The Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew mysteries. So. Much. Teen. Angst & Drama.

    And if I may further risk your wrath by suggesting Parker Stevenson’s short lived series Probe? I could see a lot of hilarious comparisons to the various current incarnations of Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Who.

    1. 100 thumbs up to the Automan recommendation! I came here specifically to suggest that as a show I watched as a young computer obsessed boy… And even I realized it was a steaming pile of **TOM!!!**

      Starring Desi Arnez Jr. and some sexy talk between the titular Automan and various electronic locks, it was taken from this planet far too soon. (I feel like it may have been another Stephen J. Cannell joint but then it seemed like all of the shows in the 80s were)

      I also wanted to mention Charlie’s Angels as a possible subject: the only two episodes I remember are one that started with an angel getting locked in a sauna (“it’s getting so hot I might die if I don’t take off some clothes…”) and another one that ends with Bosley and the Angels dancing to Celebration. A perfect bookend for your CHiPs episode.

      I came very late to this podcast but Oh My God it hits the spot. Thank you Mikey and Wil for making me laugh and sharing your creative genius with us!

  5. Just discovered these podcasts, I am listening to them backwards. I am trying so hard not to binge on them, I want them to last. Thanks guys!

  6. Now, it has been quite a while and I’ve… not had the chance to listen to this episode until now. So… I still gave it a shot, uploaded the images to IMGUR (even though some people on there can be… less than friendly) and now, I wrote this comment.

  7. Hey, guys, I don’t know if you’d consider this, since it’s still on the air, but have you thought about reviewing an episode of “Once Upon a Time?” I thought it was a cool concept and enjoyed season one, but it quickly went downhill for me after that. “Heroes” was another show like that.

  8. Have you ever seen Cop Rock? It is the most heinous 1990’s TV crime ever perpetrated, and is sorely in need of sweet sweet podcast justice. Full stop.

  9. I keep checking back in the hopes that another glorious episode might appear but I understand this is probably a dead project and shouldn’t keep my hopes up. Thanks for the episodes we got, they were all wonderful.

  10. I can’t believe its been two years to this day since the dynamic duo (Mikey and Wil) have done a TV Crimes podcast. I’ve been coming back here every week hoping to see a new episode or some bit of news but alas I must give up this dream. I would like to thank you Mikey Neumann and Wil Wheaton for the great entertainment you have created here. I hope you two will collaborate in the future, you two have a great chemistry. If not best of luck to your future endeavors. Love you guys, your both heros of mine.

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